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In Germany, the Ethius Fund is distributed by Ethius Invest Europe GmbH, Königsallee 27, 40212 Düsseldorf as a contractually bound agent on behalf of, for the account of and under the liability of the responsible liability carrier AHP Capital Management GmbH, Weißfrauenstraße 12-16, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany. Ethius Invest Europe GmbH is involved in the investment brokerage of financial instruments in accordance with § 2 section 2, number 3 of the Securities Institutions Act ("WpIG") as a contractually bound intermediary pursuant to Section 3 para. 2 WpIG exclusively for the account and under the liability of AHP Capital Management GmbH, Weißfrauenstraße 12-16, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, ("AHP"). According to the legal requirements, AHP is obliged to inform its customers about the following information about "AHP Capital Management GmbH and its investment services : MiFID Information.

​​You can reach Ethius Invest Europe at the following E-Mail address:

An investment in the aforementioned financial instruments/investment strategy / financial service involves certain product-specific risks - e.g. market or industry risks, currency risk, default risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk and credit quality risk-and is not suitable for all investors. Therefore, potential investors should only make an investment decision after a detailed investment consultation by a registered investment advisor and after consulting all available sources of information. For further Information, please contact the competent custodian or Universal-Investment, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Tel. 069-71043-0, or at

The name' Ethius' as well as all Logos and trademarks on the website that identify services and products of Ethius are protected by copyright. It is expressly prohibited to use such terms, Logos and trademarks without the express written consent of Ethius. Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright to the presentation and the information contained therein lies with Ethius. The unauthorized use of material used in the presentation may violate various laws and regulations, in particular those for the protection of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or patent rights.

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